Spiritual Practitioner Secrets

Attention: coaches, healers, complementary therapists who want to skyrocket your
intuition and spiritual connection to transform your everyday life and your business.

If you’re a spiritual person hungry for that spiritual awakening that will take your divine connection to the next level, and are tired of "life" getting in the way then this is a very special invitation for YOU to…

Discover How to Harness Your Spiritual Powers So That You Can Lead A Happier, Richer, More Successful Life & Make A Great Living Helping Other People With Your Amazing Talents with
"Spiritual Practitioner Secrets"

Are you ready to turn your dreams of becoming a professional intuitive coach into reality?

Isn’t it about time you turned your genuine desire to help people into a living that leaves you feeling fulfilled and complete?

Imagine – a set of powerful spiritual principles based on science that you can apply in your everyday life to create the relationships, health, financial security that you crave! It’s possible, and you CAN have it!

Imagine – a concrete plan in which you find your TRUE spirituality and combine it with your passion to create a business that transforms you and your clients and pays the bills!

From the desk of Dr. Lisa Turner

Dear Aspiring Spiritual Practitioner,

Does this sound familiar?

You would love to communicate with your spirit guides, see auras, predict the future or even create it, but it’s always hit and miss. You’ve tried everything and you’re still frustrated by your lack of results.
You would love to help people, whether that’s working with clients who pay for your services or just your friends, family, children. You know people need your help but don’t know where to start.
You’re deeply drawn to all things spiritual and psychic but can’t swallow the fluff and nonsense that some spiritual people tout. You’d hate to appear flaky or woo -woo. You’d love the backup of real science behind spirituality and psychic phenomena.
You’ve been struggling to make tangible changes in your life using your spirituality but it always seems too hard and any positive changes never seem to last?
You stay positive and you’re open- minded, yet you’re always surrounded by negative people who drag you down, or even cheat you! You can’t understand why this happens.
You’re secretly envious that other less spiritual coaches are raking in all of the money, even though you're just as good, more highly qualified or have even been coaching a lot longer?
You’re tired of feeling like a fraud. You’re starting to doubt your own spiritual beliefs and intuition, because no matter how hard you try, you never get the results you want.
You would love to add an extra dimension of intuition to your coaching or consulting work with your clients but are terrified of appearing fluffy or woo woo.
You know you are intuitive or even psychic, but you’re not sure how to go about doing it professionally. What if there was someone out there who’d been through this herself, who knew exactly how to guide you through the transition from psychic or healer to PROFESSIONAL psychic or intuitive coach?
You want to develop your spiritual powers or psychic skills and know you need some guidance about how to do that. What if there was a system, based in science, you could use to find your true spirituality and hone your psychic abilities?
You're willing to take action to improve your life – you just want to figure out what the right action is. Don’t you wish there was someone who could explain to you exactly how to create the path you want to follow?
You’re passionately convinced that people need your services, products or programs but are struggling and frustrated, trying to attract even the bare minimum number of clients to make ends meet?
You would love to be finally free of painful emotions from your past such as hurt, fears, guilt, bitterness, or anger. These stop you moving forward, speaking up for yourself or seeing a bright future, and you’re finally ready to change.
You know you have self-limiting beliefs that plague you like a virus, yet years of saying affirmations have been powerless to shift or change them.

Bottom line is that you are frustrated by life and starting to wonder if being spiritual isnít all itís cracked up to beÖ

Picture this:

You’ve been meditating, saying your mantras and affirmations, chanting, visualising, practising your mudras and your asanas. You KNOW it’s possible to connect with the higher spiritual realms, and to experience those spiritual bliss states, and even become psychic. Maybe you’ve even experienced it before…

Yet to your frustration and despite your determination and commitment, you just can’t seem to make that deeper connection. It fades and dwindles leaving you feeling alone and stranded in the desert of the "real".

The simple fact is, it’s one thing to have a spiritual experience, and it’s quite another to tap into the true spiritual power at your fingertips so that can change the world and reality you live in, solve problems and bring healing.

It’s this that has many spiritual schools fail their students time and again.

This is what I call Spiritual Blindness. We focus so much on spiritual experiences, and spiritual abilities, that we sometimes forget WHY we are even doing it.

Truth is - real spiritual power gives you the tools to CHANGE life, not to escape it.

For thousands of years we’ve been taught to use spiritual bliss states to ESCAPE unpleasant circumstances. We’ve been told that if meditate enough now we will achieve nirvana later.

But what if I told you there was another way?!

As a deeply spiritual person you probably want to help people and to spread healing throughout the world. You’d like to leave a legacy that changes the world for the better. But meditating your way OUT of the world isn’t the way.

Imagine having spiritual power at your fingertips that could create CHANGE in the world. Real physical change, as opposed to just feeling better and positive thinking to hope it will go away.

What if you had true spiritual power that could create
things that would be labelled as miracles?
Right now here on earth.

I'm talking about powers and abilities that other people can witness, and that will make them stare with their mouths open in disbelief...

Like SEEING AURAS, energy fields or even your spirit guide.
Hearing, seeing, feeling and communicating with your spirit guide any time you like, (with no hit and miss, no “radio silence”)
Like RADICAL HEALING that takes place almost instantly. How you can use Spiritual energy for healing yourself, others and even your animal friends.
TELEPATHY – so you can send messages across the globe, even TO the globe and every person on it?
Using CLAIRVOYANCE to make decisions and move forward powerfully with clarity and a deep inner knowing (and inner peace)
Having Spiritual powers that enable you to ENTER THE QUANTUM FIELD and be a deliberate creator of your reality. And use these skills for manifesting.
Being able to BEND TIME so you can send messages back to yourself, and see the future ahead of you.
Having MEDICAL INTUITIVE ABILITIES like seeing auras and energy fields so you can diagnose any disturbance, often before it appears in the physical body. Imagine seeing the streams of energy running around and through someone’s body and to know exactly where there are blockages or congestion.
REMOTE VIEWING so that you can check in with your family even when you can’t be there in person.

Heal the planet, your family and friends
and make the world a better place.

Being a Spiritual Practitioner not only gives you the tools to change your life, it gives you the understanding to use them to their greatest potential. At last you can truly feel in control of your life.

It’s your time to become a Spiritual Master!

My Shocking Story…
From Sexual Slavery to Spiritual Freedom

Dr Lisa TurnerI've been psychic now since 1995. The thing that might surprise you to know is that I wasn’t born with a gift, nor am I the seventh child of a seventh child. I’m actually the child of an engineer and a business woman!

My spiritual powers came to me as a result of some extraordinary life experiences that led me to the search.

I suppose the story begins when I was 12. I was groomed, seduced and manipulated into an abusive behaviour with my music teacher, 14 years older than me. He moved me away from my family and home in Australia to live with him when I was 15 and it was another 5 years before I could escape.

Kept as a house prisoner for five years I was subjected to extremes of psychological, sexual, and emotional abuse. In the end my psyche was in tatters.

Somehow I managed to escape. I could barely function. Everyday activities were a major trauma. The only way I coped was to shut down emotionally. I lived from my logical, left brain.

I became a scientist and engineer, and not a bad one either. I achieved a PhD in Aero-acoustics (that’s noisy fans to you and me) my specialism was mathematical modelling. I lived from my logical mind.

However I couldn’t escape my past by ignoring it. I was plagued by flashbacks, and had no confidence.

I started a quest to recover. And in the course of my searching I stumbled on something extraordinary.

A spiritual awakening!

I started, seeing spirits, and ghosts, predicting the future, weird coincidences, and more. I noticed a co-worker was ill long before he had any symptoms, and even knew that someone was dying even before they did.

It was extraordinary, tremendously exciting, but my life was still full of problems. I still had flashbacks, relationships were challenging, I was still wracked by emotional pain that no amount of meditating seemed to truly solve.

It was so frustrating to know that true spiritual power was so close, but constantly seemed to elude me, leaving me suffering from all the problems listed above.

Instead of feeling like I had the spiritual answers, I just felt like I had opened a whole can of worms full of spiritual PROBLEMS!

So I went on a research quest to understand what was going on. I trained, studied and researched all manner of spiritual and metaphysical philosophies and discovered something extraordinary.

I discovered the very best spiritual techniques, which, when learned, and applied correctly do actually work.


Over the past 3,000 years we have evolved as a species. This is what the 2012 shift is all about. Modern humans are almost unrecognisable from their ancient cousins.

Sadly too many spiritual practices continue to only look BACK in time and to reject all that modern science has given us.

What I discovered was that the ancient mysteries can be brought right up to date. Just as we have evolved as a species our spiritual philosophies need to evolve too.

And this is what I did. I distilled the essential and effective processes and translated them so they work for the modern western mind.

It was like cracking the code that unlocked spiritual power.

You see I knew the ancients were on to something. Thousands of years had shown they had stood the test of time right! But I hadn’t realised that the techniques needed bringing up to date.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Through painstaking research I now know how anyone can completely tap into their OWN spiritual power.

Over the past 20 years I have studied, experimented, tested and practised the best of the best energy methods and spiritual mastery. I’ve travelled the globe to receive initiations, and learn from the seat of the masters, investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in my training.


And now I’d like to share with you how I did it so you can do the same...

The good news is this –
ALL your life’s challenges can be solved with the right system.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t accessed your spiritual power yet. But once you learn this system you can. And the results will be extraordinary (even if it doesn’t seem easy to believe right now.)

You will be amazed by how much power you get when scientific principles are used to uncover the most powerful methods to connect you to your spiritual energy. Let me show you the exact, step-by-step system to harness that energy in ways that will seem incredible for those who do not understand.

Here’s what this spiritual development system can do for you:


Connects you to your spirit guides so you can communicate with them at any time as easily as you’re reading the words on this page.
Predicts, or even better CREATES the future. If you’ve been fearful about the future, want to change your present or ever wondered what will happen then this is the key.
Repairs your psychic circuitry so that you can once again experience wholeness and a full spiritual connection, and all the spiritual powers you desire.
Opens your 3rd eye so that you can become clairvoyant. Imagine seeing auras and energy fields, and what’s more, being able to pinpoint disturbances and imbalances. This is essential if you want to become a great healer.
Creates an undeniable, on-going spiritual connection that you can tap into ANY time you like. Imagine feeling fully hooked up to your divine inspiration at any time.
Banishes negative entities so that you are always spiritually safe from any unwanted influence.
Accesses spiritual powers like telepathy, thought forms, alters reality, bends time and shape shifts. All at your command and will.
Reveals your karmic and life purpose. No more standing at the crossroads of life wondering what to do.
SHOWS you the EXACT SOURCE of both physical and emotional problems...
AVOIDS the big mistake that many psychics made (including me) that shuts you down instantly. I’ll share exactly what this is and how you can recover from it and avoid it.
Frees you completely from the pain of the past. ALL sadness, hurt, guilt and fear, GONE for good.
Reveals the SOURCE of a PROGRAMMED SWITCH inside of you and how you can flip the switch in your favour...

If you’re a spiritual person hungry for that spiritual awakening that will take your divine connection to the next level, and are tired of “life” getting in the way then this is a very special invitation for YOU to join some of the most highly evolved spiritual practitioners on the planet for...

"Spiritual Practitioner Secrets"

Here’s what Spiritual Practitioner Secrets can do for you:

Take the hit and miss out of spiritual and personal development. When you understand the system, it works every time. Period.
Recover those lost psychic abilities and spiritual powers that you had as a child, or have seen others demonstrate that are just out of your reach.
Give you a deep understanding of how events and feelings manifest from a source – the very nature of the way the universe is constructed. This means you can change your thoughts and behaviors to determine the nature of your own existence.
Get you in touch with a new energy, one that makes you magnetic to others. You’ll attract more clients and more friends.
Remove the guesswork from establishing a successful coaching business. You CAN do what you love while paying your bills and living a life of contentment.
Create a sense of peace, knowing you are using high standards for ethics and integrity when dealing with clients in a deeply personal way.
Allow you to lose weight. Yes REALLY! All bad eating habits are due to being out of touch with your inner self. Reconnect with your true essence and you naturally find yourself choosing the foods that are good for you.
Make you a better parent. Move away from nagging and rows as you struggle to make your kids' listen, instead learn how to inspire them to make good choices.
Create a more loving relationship with your partner or spouse. The better you relate to and understand yourself, the better you will relate to your partner. No more resentments, rows and pain, just happy and harmonious love.
Heal childhood pain and repair broken relationships with your parents. Without long drawn out therapy. With a simple and powerful process that releases the painful emotions forgiveness is easy. Leaving you to find the loving parent underneath the hurtful though well intentioned behaviour.

And the best part...

You can learn how to use these phenomenal transformational techniques to help other people, YOUR clients, friends, family, co-workers.

If you have always dreamt of working as a spiritual healer, a coach, therapist or just helping people then you are in the right place. Being a Spiritual Practitioner is just that. It’s someone who practises powerful spiritual techniques in their daily life and work. It’s how they show up in the world. It’s how they make a difference to others. Being a Spiritual Practitioner means you have the skills, the powers and the confidence to do and say what’s necessary to help others and to change the planet.

True transformation is where the money in your coaching business is. Sounds simple, right? You may be thinking, "So all I have to do is Google some information about the universe’s construction, then do some research about running a business. Put an ad in the paper and I’m ready to go, right?"

Not exactly.

You need to know exactly how to tie together your
own true spiritual well-being with business savvy

Tie together your own true spiritual well-being with business savvyAs you know from your own experiences, finding true spiritual contentment is tricky. It’s tough to find that place inside yourself where you go to change things that are bothering you. It’s tougher still to help clients (or even friends) find their own contentment if you’re not completely healed first.

The most difficult thing about establishing a spiritual healing business? It has two distinct sections: the business side and the spiritual side. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily waste months’ worth of time and thousands of dollars establishing a business that doesn’t cut it. Not only won’t it attract clients, but it won’t make the money to pay your bills, either.

Knowing the Science and Business Principles behind being a Spiritual Practitioner is absolutely critical to your success. But it’s just the beginning. You also need to:
  1. Get to the core of your own spirituality, and discover EXACTLY how to apply this for real world results.
  2. Design a business that fits your own needs and puts you where you want to be in this universe.

It’s not your fault you haven’t succeeded at this in the past, or that you didn’t know exactly what to do

Very few people have the experience to teach what I teach, which is EVERY aspect of becoming whole, centered, and educated enough to start and successfully run your own healing business. Since I’ve been there – I’ve discovered my own true spirituality and am now running a successful personal and spiritual development business – I know ALL the ins and outs from start to finish, including:

Setting your business up for success, from what to charge, how to market, and what to do about insurance, to building real success for your clients so that even as they heal, more clients are walking through the door.
How to communicate with clients so you know what they really want and need from you, and so you provide them with your wisdom in a way that empowers them to act to improve their lives.
How to set boundaries – during and between sessions – so you have your privacy when you need it.
How to think like a businessperson when you need to, even though your business is based on spirituality.
How to use your spiritual gifts to magnetise the right clients, repel the wrong ones, all with ethics and integrity.



Penny Power"WOW! WOW. Ok I am a bit of a closed person when it comes to coaching and personal development, it is not that I don't think I need it, not at all, it is just that I have not, until now, met the right person to inspire me to think they could make a difference. We all have baggage, we all have limiting beliefs, how much we recognise them is down to our willingness to let them out! Lisa is quite a lady! She is intelligent, beyond me on that score for sure, she applies a logical, non fluffy, view on the science of our minds and the capability we have, in a logical way, to move forward."

Penny Power - Founder of Ecademy


"A personal transformation and revelation"

Wilma Allan"Working with Lisa is indeed transformational stuff. You will be challenged but never allowed to feel alone, stretched far enough that you must grow, but never so far that you are stretched too far and then cannot grow again.

What began as fulfilling a promise to myself to add new and deeper dimensions to my own business in order to help my own clients, also became a personal transformation and revelation beyond any expectations."

Wilma Allan


"Broken through years of blockages
into freedom and power"

Christine Lennard"I am so grateful for Lisa's big mission to help world changers get their message across. The content is very extensive and thorough! So thorough, in fact that I have broken through years of blockages and into freedom and POWER!

Christine Lennard


"Practical and pragmatic approach to
a spiritual way of being"

Kim Searle"Last year, my health was making life difficult, and having started practising the work that I now preach, I found myself drawn to Psycademy, run by the fabulous Lisa Turner! Having met her and been inspired by her fun and practical approach to the spiritual side of life, I knew that she was the one to help me on my own journey!

This 'Breakthrough' session turned out to be a real turning point for me - not only did I sign up for her Practitioner course, I have found that the work we did has gradually been 'working its magic' on me ever since!

Lisa's practical and pragmatic approach to a spiritual way of being, met with my own logical and rational ways of being - using her previous life as a technical engineer to explain how it works, she weaves in key elements of NLP (responsibility, cause and effect & perception is projection) to demonstrate how we create much of what we experience."

Kim Searle


"I didn't realize how much it was costing me
not to know this information until now"

JoAnn Manzella"If you are looking for a a step by step guide to knowing exactly what to say in a sales conversation to get your prospect to make a decision, this is the best I have ever seen (and I have worked with many coaches and purchased many programs). Lisa delivers above and beyond what I expect every time.

I didn't realize how much it was costing me not to know this information until now.

Here's how I've begun using the strategies:

  • I have the tools to create crystal clear pictures for my prospects as to whether or not working together will be a good fit.
  • I know what to listen for and how to tune in to what they are actually communicating to me in the sales conversation to help them make the right decision.
  • I can now quickly determine their rep system which allows me to take them by the hand so they can get a feel if my service is right for them and whether they are right for ME.
  • and I now know how to explain my process so that it makes absolute sense for them to move forward on my offer (again, that is assuming we are right for one another.)
It has already made a huge difference in my bottom line."

JoAnn Manzella


“More in control of (and at ease with) my life than I have ever felt”

"For a long time now I have been on a journey of self discovery, which first began consciously when life started to reflect back to me a lot of "rubbish" that I was putting out. It is only since I connected with Lisa on this Journey (through one to one healing, Spiritual Practitioner course, Mastermind) that I have felt so many pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

The healing I have received from Lisa, the knowledge she has shared and Lisa's continuous healing connection (though the energy web) have helped me to feel more in control of (and at ease with) my life than I have ever felt. Lisa is like the very best gym instructor and if you are prepared to put the work in you will discover the "body" you didn't even know you had!"

Davinder Khaira


“Our personal journey to living as our authentic selves”

Georgina Saralis“Lisa knew instinctively the path I wanted to take but so far I had not been able to see it for myself to be able to choose it. She was right and I cannot thank her enough for lighting the way with her energy, compassion and guidance.

She is a lovely, funny and inspirational woman who is generous enough to share her gifts with us; above all else we know that she really cares about each of us on our personal journey to living as our authentic selves.”

Georgina Saralis


“A helping hand to improve your levels of success, happiness, health and trust in the universe”

“Lisa has touched my heart in a very unexpectedly intense way. I never expected that level of sincere caring from a “professional” not just caring for me but truly and deeply for all of us. Her knowledge, intelligence and teaching skills combined with her humor and joyful dynamic state at all times defies description.

In other words, if you are looking for a helping hand to improve your levels of success, happiness, health and trust in the universe, because they all come together, you could probably not find a better place. Lisa is more than worth it. And so are you!”

Johan Delva


"Spiritual Practitioner Secrets"

You’re about to discover the system it’s taken me years to develop and perfect – and you’re about to embark on a personal journey that will lead you to the kind of calm, centred fulfilment you REALLY need to make a positive difference in this world, starting with yourself and continuing, one client at a time.

That’s great for you Lisa – but I don’t want to seem flaky, woo-woo or un-businesslike. People might never take me seriously again!

I don’t want to seem flaky, woo-woo or un-businesslikeI completely understand. Remember I used to be an engineer, and engineers are so pragmatic they don't even totally trust electronics! But I’ve figured out some really useful ways of managing my gifts and I’ll share them with you too. With me you’re definitely entering the no fluff zone.

Intuition, spirituality, and psychic abilities are becoming more and more mainstream every day. In fact it’s become so that if you don’t use them people will question your ability to help them.

It’s all in the presentation. With the right scientific understanding it really is quite sensible and rational. I always show this to my clients if they seem sceptical.

I never ask anyone else to believe anything, but invite them to experiment for themselves.

You don't even need to tell anyone, unless you want to that is. Just use your phenomenal skills and amaze your clients. Imagine simply being a vastly more effective coach. I’ll show you exactly how you can do this on this program.

Ready to hear more about what I can teach you?

Class 1: Repair Your Psychic Circuitry. The Psychic Mind - The Secret To A High Psy-Q & Vibration

The Psychic MindDo you truly believe that you could become a psychic – and a powerful one – if only you had the right training? I believe it, too (it’s another of my controversial beliefs!).

I will teach you how to become a high level psychic by developing the various aspects of your psychic abilities.

Did you know that the most powerful psychics not only predict the future, but they create it? Powerful, centred psychics understand how the universe works, and how humans create our own reality. So can you learn to create your own reality – and help your clients to create theirs?

You can. And that’s what we’re going to cover during this class. Before we jump into the details of running a business, you need to know and understand the magical rules of the universe – and how you fit in.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

A concrete system for working with the filters, patterns and beliefs that color your psychic and real senses. You'll learn to cut through what isn't true and see EXACTLY what's going on
The actual differences between different types of psychics – and how to become the most powerful, empowering type, as well as determine which one fits you and how you can build a business around it.
The specifics of avoiding total overwhelm by learning to manage your psychic senses so that you’re ready to pay attention when you need to. Think of it like a telephone ringing – you don’t leave the line open all the time. Sometimes protection is NOT appropriate. (Warning: this topic may be controversial!)
A simple technique that can double or triple your energy levels in a matter of minutes (not days, or weeks). Feel calm, centered, balanced, yet alert and awake. This one technique even helped one past client give up smoking for good!
How to raise your energetic vibration: Identify where you are bleeding energy away. AND what you can do about it. These energy leaks will block your spirituality, your emotions, your wealth and your success.
Step-by-step instructions for developing your clairvoyance (receiving images), your clairaudience, (receiving audible messages) and clairsentience even if you don't think you have the "gift".


Class 2: Intuitive Applications -
How To Solve Problems, Your Own,
And Your Clients'

INtuitive ApplicationsOk. So now you’re psychic! So what?

Being psychic is a great first step, but what can really skyrocket your psychic power is when you start to focus it and use it.

Believe it or not the more you use your abilities for practical real world problem solving the stronger they become and the more you learn to trust and rely on them.

In class 2 we'll cover:

How to use your intuition to solve problems, make better choices, remove obstacles and stay sane in a crazy world.
The no – nonsense insider secrets of spirit guide communication, including a completely logical, scientific and rational explanation that doesn’t involve magic or woo-woo claptrap.
The very best way to connect to your spirit guides, that guarantees it will happen every time. How to talk to them — so they will listen. The right (and wrong) questions to ask them. How to apply their guidance to solve any problem, for you and your clients.
Exactly what is a ghost, how are they created, why are they here, why they can be dangerous and how to protect yourself from them. How to accurately tell the difference between a ghost or a guide.
The shocking truth about psychic attack and spirit possession, how you can avoid it. There’s a fine line between psychic and psychotic, make sure you stay on the right side of it. How to stay psychically safe in your work and daily life. Also how you can keep your family safe. HINT it is NOT protection. This actually drains your energy!
Develop invincible trust in your intuition. Never again have that “if only I’d...” feeling.


Class 3: The Perfect Intuitive Coaching Session - Creating Spiritual  Transformation

Now you have your skills it’s time to start using them with your clients. in this class you’ll learn how to introduce your powerful psychic abilities and intuition into your coaching practice.

You’ll also learn some of the most effective spiritual change and transformational processes possible including the Psycademy dream interpretation technique.

Hundreds of thousands of books and references exist for interpreting dreams – but you don’t need them.

Here’s what we’ll go over in Class 3:

The perfect session: what to do before, during and after the session to ensure it delivers VALUE. How to open and close the session elegantly and smoothly. Exactly what to do at each stage of the session to keep it (and your client) moving towards success!
Discover a powerful and precise dream  interpretation technique! The exact specific process finding the RIGHT meaning and interpreting dreams correctly (and no, a book isn’t the way to do it).
Discover the hidden secrets of the Tarot and how to use these powerful symbols in your regular coaching sessions. Most psychics use the Tarot in completely the wrong way, which actually disempowers clients. Revealed:  The secret message of all creation hidden inside each card. Remember it’s about transformation NOT information.
Rapport – connecting with a client's higher self. This is SO important because this is the key  to really empowering clients and assisting them to get into alignment with their soul’s journey and higher purpose.
Finding out what they really want from the session, what they need, and how to reconcile the differences professionally.
Empowering questions.  26 simple questions that will guarantee great results for the client. (Yes, it's true. The reason why you struggle with your sessions could be you're asking ALL the wrong questions.)
How to see all the client’s possible futures (not just the one they are creating through their current actions).
The 3 steps for creating spiritual change in a client (know your outcome, take action and have sensory acuity). How to achieve each of those 3 steps – in clear, concise, step-by-step instructions.


Class 4: Professional Spiritual Practitioner - The Business!

Professional Spiritual PractitionerOkay, ready to go? Probably not, right? Just a few more considerations… Once you get on the road toward becoming the best spiritual practitioner and intuitive coach you can be, then you need to learn all you can about running a business.

Remember, even though spiritual coaching is a business of the spirit, a spiritual coaching business is a business – and you want to make a living, right?


Here’s what you’ll learn during Class 4:
A plan for using the right sales and marketing strategies and techniques so that you can attract hungry clients into your business, including online and offline marketing, web sites and list building.
Guidelines for what to charge, karmically balanced pricing, where to work, outsourcing, and all the right business back up to consider.
Advice on how to set boundaries so your clients don’t come knocking on your door at midnight – this is an important part of keeping your energy intact.
The truth about spiritual selling. How to banish your money hang-ups that disempower you AND your clients.
Reveal your personal profit niche and karmic client (sometimes called your ideal client). These are the people you were born to work with, and problems that you are meant and love to solve. You’ll be guided through the Psycademy signature system to “light up” the souls of your karmic clients. The people YOU came here to serve. Following this powerful process your karmic clients will immediately recognise you and be desperate to work with you.
Profitable programs secrets. The key to financial success as an intuitive coach lies in solution based programs. I’ll walk you through your personal program creation system, so that you can create your signature system that sells.


Class 5: Your Questions Answered

Q&AI bet you’ve come up with some questions just reading through all this information, right?

On Class 5 you can get all your questions answered and hear as I deliver laser coaching. Real transformation is possible in this class.

Here are examples of questions that often come up:

- What does this negative experience or problem mean?
- Why do the same things keep happening?
- How can I get started using this with my clients?
- How do I start and run a professional spiritual business?

And you'll get answers!

You can pose all the questions that have come up for you about the material we've covered and how to apply this in your personal life and business. If this Q&A session doesn't cover all the answers, keep an eye on the forum where we'll tell you the dates for the live coaching calls that are available to you. You can post your questions in the forum or ask them live on the call - whatever works best for you.



“Valuable skills for life”

Kathryn Mackellar“Lisa is a most amazing teacher. She has a wide range of tools and experience and is excellent at taking the best of all and sharing them in a format easy for everyone to use. Her down to earth practicality and sense of fun is a joy as she takes us all on our journey of discovery about ourselves emphasising the good, clearing the bad with compassion and a sense of humour, and teaching us valuable skills for life.”

Kathryn Mackellar


“I know that I am capable of healing myself from the inside out”

“I am so grateful and blessed that my path crossed Lisa’s. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first spoke to Lisa about the course but I knew inside that it was the right thing to do. Every single aspect of the course from learning how to meditate, to NLP techniques and body language, through to the spiritual side is all something I will be able to use in everyday life no matter where I am and who I am with.

I have begun to notice the changes in myself and others have commented that I seem more confident and “different” somehow. A friend told me the other day that she felt inspired by being around me! Wow. What a wonderful thing for someone to say.

The key thing for me is that I have learnt, and am continuing to learn so much about myself and the hows and whys of life. I am setting goals to improve my health and increase my energy and thanks to Lisa I know that I am capable of healing myself from the inside out.”

Kim Austin


Lou Walters“Priceless”

“Lisa has in her own unique way taught, coaxed, inspired, led, enchanted, coached, challenged, turbo-charged and cared for me and has shown me how to do all of these amazing things for myself. This is priceless and I cannot thank her enough.”

Louise Walters


“Not being able to imagine what life would be like without it”

Mark Walters“My experience of this year has been beyond my expectations from being convinced that I did not have time to do it to not being able to imagine what life would be like without it.

It is best summed up in the words of Edward Monkton:

‘As soon as I start thinking that I am sensible and sane
The random hedgehog comes along and fiddles with my brain’

Thank you random hedgehog!”

Mark Walters


“I have done more progress with myself in the last 5 months than in the last 5 years”

Sophie Bidard“One morning I woke up and thought – I have done more progress with myself in the last 5 months than in the last 5 years – and that was only half way.

Thank you Lisa for taking me where I would not have dared dreaming to go. Thank you for making me dare to dream it and for guiding me there: it is a delight!”

Sophie Bidard


“Get on the way to my freedom”

Svetlin Nikolov“Thank you Lisa for giving me a hand to overcome my fears and to start a journey I would never have dreamed of. I am extremely fascinated to be able to discover my inner world and take steps toward my freedom. Sometimes I wonder how did I function before as a human with all this load of negative emotion and blocks in the form of limiting decisions.

Thank you Lisa so much for helping me to get on the way to my freedom.”

Svetlin Nikolov


Thomas Power"Frees your mind"

"Lisa frees your mind and takes YOU to the next level.

In a league of her own.

If you are ready to go there go and see her.

Highly recommended."

Thomas Power- Chairman, Ecademy



PLUS, I’m going to give you FOUR POWERFUL bonuses that will help you go deeper than ever before – giving you additional techniques to become whole, centered and completely healed so that you can be spiritually and financially successful in your new business.

Bonus #1
"Integrity of Energy" DVD

Integrity of Energy DVDThe "Integrity of Energy" DVD contains a full FOUR HOURS of material, including my Proven STEP-BY-STEP formula for releasing emotional trauma, energy blocks and limitations FOR GOOD.

Most people have no idea of the amount of baggage they are carrying, let alone how to deal with it effectively. We live in a world where we have medicated ourselves numb with distractions like TV, food, drink and even over-the-counter drugs.

Most people suppress their emotions, or express them by crying or shouting. Neither of these releases them.

Using this DVD you will be guided through the Psycademy Emotional Release Technique (Higher Self Therapy):

The most powerful emotional release technique on the planet. Your inner pain will be removed, for good. You won’t’ just 'feel a bit better' or 'work through them' or 'understand them'... your negative emotions, pain and trauma will be gone, gone, GONE!
Understand exactly why numbing-out was necessary and how you can safely increase awareness of your inner pain. You will go at your pace, and only to the level you feel comfortable.
Learn how your mind creates your reality and how to generate an invincible inner mindset.
Identify and remove negative programming and limiting beliefs like "I’m not good enough" or "I’m not worthy" or "I can’t…"
Become whole again. Integrate all the fragmented bits of yourself.
VALUE: £300


Bonus #2
Psycademy Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind Membership

Spiritual Entrepreneur MastermindWith six month's membership of the Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind included, you can stay connected and motivated via the the monthly calls and discussion forums. This is an online community dedicated to your spiritual development, personal evolution and success.

  1. Stay on the path of your spiritual growth
  2. Experience a supportive environment so you’re free to be and express your true self
  3. Learn the latest cutting edge spiritual, emotional and mindset concepts
  4. Constantly and safely expand and grow – and have a great time doing it!
  5. Find greater material success based on spiritual principles

As a member you'll have:

Access to a private members online discussion forum
Regular live coaching calls, where you can overcome your inner blocks to success.
Phone-in Q&A clinics.
A community of like-minded people to support and encourage you.
A link to my energy web for your support, protection and growth.
VALUE: £282


Bonus #3
In-Depth Powerful Initiation

In-depth powerful inititiationAs part of this training you can choose to receive an initiation to remove any blocks in your psychic and spiritual circuitry. It will further open your third eye and activate your psychic circuitry for all your psychic senses.

Before this initiation you may have a vague sense of your spirituality. You may hear only the faint babble of spiritual messages, or see fuzzy flashes of psychic visions.

Following this experience you will tap into and hook up to your spiritual source. You will tune in and hear the song of your spirit resonating through your entire being. Your psychic vision will clear as your inner light shines, illuminating your 3rd eye and whole being. You will become fully conscious of your spiritual perception.

Here are just a couple of the comments that came flooding in after the first level initiation I ran on the introductory free call:

"It felt like a part of me was 'joining in' with me. A part of me I have missed having around for a while. A lovely warm feeling and such beautiful energy within and around me. Deep peace also." - Eleanor

"I felt the white light of my third eye expanding outward in more or less of a flat plane, in all directions, then it expanded further toward the back of my skull and curved down at the edge and went down my back. When it got to my root chakra, it curved up and went up my front, then it cycled round and round between my root chakra and my crown chakra. Cool!" - Janet

This initiation is for you if:

You would love to be more spiritually connected or psychic but just can’t seem to get anywhere.
You know you have blocks to your spiritual connection but don’t know what or why or how to remove them. Don’t worry. This can help you.
You want to have a closer relationship with your guardian angel or spirit guides, and your divine light shining within.
You’d love to be even more psychic and intuitive but you struggle to receive any psychic visions.
You wish you could just “KNOW” things so you can prevent mistakes, make better decisions and choices and avoid pain.
You long to have undeniable spiritual experiences as a regular occurrence.

Wouldn’t you like to feel the power of spirit singing through you with divine logic, as the sparkling light or your Higher Self radiates for all to see?

* NOTE: This is initiation is completely voluntary, and with your agreement. You can still listen in even if you’d rather not participate, that’s fine too. I won’t be doing anything TO you, rather I’ll be guiding you to connect with your own higher self.

VALUE: Priceless


Bonus #4
FREE Ticket To Lisa's "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets LIVE" Workshop in January 2016

Free ticketAfter you’ve learned and practised Spiritual Practitioner Secrets, your next step is to hone your transformational Spiritual Practitioner toolkit so that you can transform yourself and your clients even further.

That’s why I’m gifting you with a FREE seat.

At my next LIVE Workshop Event in January 2016, you’ll become privy to some of the most secret and occult spiritual practices on the planet.

For various reasons many of these practices are so sacred that I can’t even share what they are here, let alone teach them on a teleclass.

VALUE: £1,997



To recap, here’s what you'll get with
"Spiritual Practitioner Secrets":

5 teleseminars designed to hone your psychic skills and give you the tools you need to start and run a spiritually and financially successful business.
  • Class #1: Repair Your Psychic Circuitry. The Psychic Mind - The Secret To A High Psy-Q & Vibration
  • Class #2: Intuitive Applications - How To Solve Problems, Your Own, And Your Clients'
  • Class #3: The Perfect Intuitive Coaching Session - Creating Spiritual  Transformation
  • Class #4: Professional Spiritual Practitioner - The Business!
  • Class #5: Your Questions Answered
Audio AND transcript downloads for all five classes for you to add to your personal success library and refer back to whenever you want.
Access to a support network of like-minded individuals.

Don’t forget the bonuses!

"Integrity of Energy" DVD
Psycademy Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind Membership
In-depth powerful initiation
FREE ticket to Lisa's next "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets LIVE" Workshop Event


By now, you’re probably wondering what this is all going to cost you

I’m a business person, so I know how hard you work to earn your money. That’s why I’m not going to ask you to pay an unreasonable price.

The information you’ll learn during this program will enable you to create a business that is successful long-term – you can anticipate making tens, even hundreds of thousands of pounds (or dollars) each year while you’re in business.

I am asking you to make a one-time investment in your future, and in the future of your spirituality and your business.

That one-time investment comes at a price of £497
Fast Action Price - Book Today And Get All This For
Just £347 - SAVE £150!

I won’t go on, comparing that one-time payment to the recurring price of dinners out or fancy tea or coffee drinks on your way to work each morning. I won’t list the ways you could easily save money to cover the cost of this program (such as bagging your lunch every day rather than buying it, or heading to the library instead of the bookstore).

You’re on your way to being a businessperson – you do the math

You’ll see that if you pay £497 for this course now and then retain just 3 clients at only £75 per hour, you’ll have this course paid for in just 3 session each!

And with what I’m going to teach you, you’ll have more than 3 clients at a time, for as long as you want to run this business.

I’ll say no more – this just makes good business sense. Make this the first savvy decision you make as a business owner.

You have nothing to lose, except this opportunity.

Are you ready to FINALLY reach your potential as a coach? Are you ready to FINALLY start truly, completely healing people? Are you ready to become an informed, savvy business owner who lives a life of financial stability and personal fulfillment?

Lisa's “Get Psychic” Guarantee

60 day "Get Psychic" money back guarantee Because I know that what I’m offering is everything you need to awaken your spiritual and psychic gifts and to use them to start and run a successful coaching business...

You’re protected by my 60 day
“Get Psychic” money-back guarantee

If after 60 days you’ve followed the practices and haven’t got any results, you can just let me know. I’ll return your money, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

Please note: if you choose to take a refund you will be required to return the 'Integrity of Energy' DVD. You will also be required to confirm that you have deleted all digital course materials before the refund can be issued.


Are you ready to register, or do you have a few more questions?

I want you to feel comfortable and confident in moving forward with this program. I know it’s an investment for you, and I know you want to find the straightest path toward creating the life you want for yourself. Here are some questions I hear most often, and their answers, to help you feel even better informed:

Q: I already AM spiritual. Do I really need to spend several calls on spirituality?
A: Yes. Even if you feel truly connected to your spirituality, you will be amazed at how much further you can take it. Mine is a system based in science. It takes the guesswork out of spiritual development – and will take you farther than you imagined possible so you can be the best possible healer.
Q: I’ve tried other courses, and they haven’t worked for me. How do I know this course will work for me?
A: Your limiting belief about what will and will not work for you is the exact belief that other programs do not address – but mine does. And that’s why it works. By changing your beliefs to fit into the universe’s construct, you will discover how you can affect your own future.
Q: Sometimes life is just hard. Are you telling me that your course will make my life easier?
A: YES. I know it sounds a little silly, but once you understand how to activate the dormant parts of your energy body, you will find yourself thinking in new ways, behaving in new and empowering ways, almost effortlessly, and you’ll become more effective in whatever you do. Life can be hard – and you can learn to make it better by changing the way you think and act to fit in with how reality is constructed.
Q: One of the toughest aspects of healing is that I feel like my clients can suck me dry. I give, give, give … can you help me learn to prevent that?
A: Yes! I will walk you through the perfect session – from meeting your client to empowering him to walk away without the need for your help. I’ll teach you to reverse karmic law and to protect yourself and your spirit from the kind of negative energy that sucks you dry.


Okay, now are you ready?

Yes, Lisa! I’m ready to learn "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets"
For just £497 £347 if I book today, I understand I’m getting:
5 teleseminars designed to hone my psychic skills and give me the tools I need to start and run a spiritually and financially successful business.
Recordings and transcripts of all 5 calls to add to my personal success library.
Access to a support network of like-minded individuals.
PLUS, 4 special BONUSES:
"Integrity of Energy" DVD.
Psycademy Spiritual Practitioner Mastermind membership.
In-depth powerful initiation.
FREE ticket to the next "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets LIVE" Workshop Event.


(Hint... would you like to have a private, 1-1 phone session with Lisa?)

And I'm completely covered by your "Get Psychic" money back guarantee.

If I’ve followed the practices and haven’t got any results, I have 60 whole days to get my money back, less a modest £50 book keeping administrative fee.

Pay in full now... and I get all this for the extremely low price of £497 £347 (approx US$548) BEST VALUE

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Or choose the Monthly Payment Plan option... and I can pay in 4 easy instalments of just £147 £99 (approx US$156)

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I am completely passionate about helping people find their way by discovering their true spirituality and finding the right path to starting a successful business that leaves them financially comfortable and spiritually fulfilled.

Here’s to your spiritual success,

Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner

Dr. Lisa Turner

P.S. If you’re not ready to order now, ask yourself, what is the one thing you would need to ask in order for you to know that this is the perfect program for you. Email me with that question now, or order now, and you’ll get your answer even sooner.

P.P.S. When you’re lying in bed tonight you will think of all the benefits of joining this program. When you wake up tomorrow morning you will feel compelled to turn on the computer and order our program!

P.P.P.S. As this page ends, now you know that there's a scientific basis for all spiritual experiences and that anyone can learn and use it in their work and life. To discover this for yourself and experience a massive boost to your wealth and happiness, Order Now

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